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What if you had the tools to support yourself after the loss of your baby?

What if you could create your own path to hope and healing?

Free 4-week Program for Bereaved Parents:

Pathways to Hope After Baby Loss

Losing a child is the worst moment in any parent's life. Waking up every morning without them is a constant reminder of unbearable grief. Regaining purpose and meaning in your life may seem impossible.
I know, because I've been there. In fact, my journey to help other bereaved parents began after the loss of my own daughter 20 weeks into pregnancy.
My grief felt as if I were in the middle of a stormy ocean being pounded by waves while barely able to keep my head above water. As soon as I had a moment of calmness to catch my breath, another wave quickly crashed down onto me. I was stuck and could not escape.
Over the years it seemed to be getting better. You know the saying, "time heals all wounds?" It doesn't. The pain simply lies dormant, waiting for a trigger to show itself again.
For me, the trigger was the near death of our 4-year-old son from a brain hemorrhage. Not only was a new trauma introduced, but the old one came back. Bigger than ever.
A separate program is available for family members, friends, and professionals. Click here to learn how to support someone you know.
My name is Dr. Tara May (education and experience) and I am a psychologist specializing in trauma and grief recovery. I'm also a bereaved mother who walked through the fire of emotional suffering and into a place of peace. I've had the privilege of sitting beside thousands of people after unspeakable loss and tragedy. I'm always amazed and inspired by the courage and love my clients show in the ways they choose to honor their children and rebuild their lives, even when at first, it seems impossible.
For more than 20 years in my practice, I've helped hundreds overcome their obstacles and heal from tragedy. But when I needed help after the loss of my baby, I couldn't find it.
Support groups and individual therapy allowed me to tread water, but they did not provide the tools to get back to shore.
Over time, through my psychology education and experience helping others, I was able to discover and work through key elements that were keeping me from embracing life and healing after my loss.
These discovered elements form the foundation of my program. The point is to not forget. On the contrary, I want to help you honor and remember your baby, but let go of the suffering that consumes your life.
“The program truly has been a life saving bundle of tools, resources and guided support. It’s provided the kind of support that I like to define as “productive” support. Support that helps you move forward and work through your grief journey so that you come out on the other side as a much more whole person.”
-Online Program Member
“I am so grateful to Dr. Tara May’s program. I took it because I felt stuck in my sadness after my miscarriage. When I started, I felt devastated and lost. By the end of the program I had met my goal of feeling good and happy inside again. I would recommend this for anyone feeling stuck in their emotions after their loss, and/or anyone who may be having trouble moving forward or “finding themselves” again after their loss.”
-Online Program Member
The free 4-week program, Pathways to Hope After Baby Loss was created specifically for parents whose baby died at any gestational age or after birth. It is full of reflection, inspiration, exercises, and tools to help you move forward through grief after the death of your baby.
Understanding how grief is showing up for you and using the right tools and resources is essential.
After starting Pathways to Hope After Baby Loss, you will receive one lesson a week to be completed at your own pace. I suggest you set aside at least an hour for each to give you time to fully engage in all of the exercises.
The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.
Receive instant access.
The lessons are delivered to your email box for easy access. Return to them on those especially difficult days.
This free program will cover:
  • How to nurture your broken heart.
  • Practical ways to support your healing.
  • How to navigate through rough waters.
  • Connecting to your emotional strength to create your path for healing.
“I only wish I had found you sooner, your guidance has put me on a path that I’m happy to be on. You have helped me immensely!”
-Online Program Member
Though grief is a natural and normal reaction to loss, most of us are told that time will make everything okay. Time doesn’t heal grief, time allows you to cover the pain with a false sense of peace. Not dealing with it can lead to long term problems. A trigger can come at anytime, even months or years down the road.
Receive gentle guidance to let go of the suffering without letting go of the connection to your child.
A separate program is available for family members, friends, and professionals. Click here to learn how to support someone you know.
Rest assured that your private information will remain private. I will never share your name or email with anyone!